Ghost Spell

Book Four of the Ghost World Sequence





"All life is sorrowful, but very, very sweet."


Under a freezing Arctic sky, a wolf carries a baby to a remote village.


Taken in by the villagers and named 'Vulchanok' or 'Little Wolf', the lost baby grows into a happy little boy.


But night after night, his dreams are walked by his rescuer, the wolf-witch. She leads him to the Ghost World and makes him a shaman.


The villagers begin to fear him and he grows into a lonely man -- until a young wolf-witch comes from the forest and claims him as her mate.


But Vulchanok longs for more human company and, by firelight, looks for visions in the spinning of an ice-apple.


In a distant city he sees a lovely girl as lonely as himself, imprisoned in a small room. Shrugging on his falcon skin, he flies to find her.


When a falcon drums its wings against her window, Kristiana opens it -- and is astonished when the hawk lights on the floor and turns into a man. She and Vulchanok are soon in love.


But Kristiana's brother, Glev, will never allow her to marry a dirty northern huntsman -- and Vulchanok's wolf-wife is fiercely jealous.


Can the lovers survive the hatred and jealousy surrounding them?


A Gothic Romance


Book 4 of the Ghost World sequence