Nearly forty years after its original appearance, the Carnegie winning 'Ghost Drum' was re-issued as a 'Faber Classic' in January 2024.

     In February '24 came the news that the reprinting had been 'greeted with enthusiasm by book buyers across the board' and had entirely sold out!

     Major bookstores have asked for tweaks to the cover, with quotes from reviews added.

     The new cover is to have embossing and 'spot UV'. My publisher tell me that it's highly unusual to make such changes to a reprint, and indicates the Sales Team's confidence that the book is going to be a long-term seller.

     Find out more about 'Ghost Drum' here.



Carnegie Medal

awarded to

The Ghost Drum


Susan Price

What is the Carnegie Medal?

The Carnegie Medal and the Kate Greenaway Medal are awarded annually by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

     The Carnegie is awarded for 'an outstanding book for young people,' and the Greenaway for an outstanding illustrated book for young people.

     They are the oldest and most prestigious book awards given in Britain for children and young people's books.

     Former winners include C. S. Lewis, Phillip Pullman, Terry Pratchett -- and me!



The Guardian Fiction Prize awarded to




by Susan Price


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