Ghost Dance

Book Three of the Ghost World Sequence


Are you cold, my children? Are you cold?”


The Northlands are dying… 


The young witch, Shingebiss, pleads with the ancient shaman, her grandmother, to save the land. But her grandmother refuses. 'All things must change, all things must die. I will not speak one word or sing one note to stop it.’ 


Shingebiss travels to the Imperial City, to ‘spell the Czar,’ and end the destruction. 


But the Czar is mad. Fearing death, he employs an English wizard, Master Jenkins, to make him immortal. But Jenkins is an imposter. 


When Shingebiss arrives, with her true magic, the Czar takes her for an angel, sent to him from God.


The English wizard becomes her deadly enemy. He tells the Czar that the only ingredient lacking for an Elixir of Immortality is angel’s blood. 


Can Shingebiss survive the jealousy and hatred at the Czar's court? 


A dark. intense, powerful fantasy in a classic series.




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