I Wants to Make Your Flesh Creep...

Author Susan Price says, 'It's always been my ambition to write a ghost story that would last.'

I've always loved ghost stories...

...Ever since I used to read my mother's ever-growing collection of ghost story anthologies.


And then I discovered M. R. James. I was very impressed by his wanting to write stories that 'unsettle'  rather than horrify. Anyone, he said, can make a reader feel sick by piling on descriptions of blood and mashing. It takes more artistry to write story that, days later, still haunts.


It became an ambition of mine to write a good ghost story, one that would last.

In this section, you can discover my attempts.

(The illustration is by the wonderful Arthur Rackham: The ghost of Jacob Marley appearing to Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol by Dickens.)


Also in this section are a series of blogs  I published on ghosts and writing about ghosts...


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