The Story Collector

Tales Told and Retold

People have told stories since the world began. Everybody has a story.


Old Mr. Grimsby, retired and a widower, makes a hobby of collecting stories.


He collects stories from his housemaid, and from the housemaid's grandmother, from an old soldier, and from a dying woman.


Late one night, as he walks home past a churchyard, he's joined by a large black dog, a Churchyard Grim, which leads him out of this world to Heaven's Gate -- and tells him a story to pass the time as they walk.


And in Heaven, the Virgin Herself pours the tea and tells a tale...


From the beginning to the end, we tell stories.


Everybody has a story.


The Story Collector is a collection of folk-tales, retold by the acclaimed writer, Susan Price. Here are old stories, wise stories, funny and sad stories, of life, death and rebirth; of loss and love.