Help Sheets


      I originally put these work-sheets together when I was working at a University, as a Royal Literary Fund Consultant.

          I found that many of the students coming to see me had the same problems.

          Most of these problems -- such as the correct use of apostrophes -- were of the kind that make the eyes glaze over when explained.

          So I thought that an archive of help-sheets, which could be consulted online at any time, would be of the most help.

         If anyone finds them useful, then I'm delighted.

               Speech or Quote Marks and How to Use Them. 

               The Apostrophe -- Don't Panic!

             The Active and Passive Voice

              Some Confusing Words...

                                 Its and It's

                                 We're, Were and Where

                                 They're, Their and There

                                 You're and Your

                                  Too, To and Two

                                   Of and Off