Elusive Beasts

I was on the track down of an elusive and prolific beast -- one that's common but camouflages itself so well that you can be staring right at it and not see it.

I knew that no matter how dedicatedly I hunted it, no matter how many hours or days I spent on the trail, I would miss many of the pestiferous things.

     So I asked my friend, Karen Bush,  an ex of this blog, to help and she bagged quite a few of the critters, having an expert eye for them.

     Using Karen's spotter notes, I culled all she discovered but in the process found a whole lot more of the pests. They breed, I think, as soon as you turn a page.

Because I'm talking about typos, of course. I've been proof-reading my latest self-published book, Telling Tales...


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