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          My Amazon Author Page, where you can find many of my books for sale.


An Awfully Big Blog Adventure - The blog site of the Scattered Authors' Society (SAS), where members blog every day on books, writing, and related matters.


The Reclusive Muse blog-site - the only blog I know that's written by a unicorn.


Seven Miles of Steel Thistles - a marvellous blog for all lovers of fairy-tales, folk-lore, fantasy and mythology, by my friend Katherine Langrish.




The Stroppy Author's Guide to Publishing - the Stroppy Author, provides excellent advice.


Help! I Need A Publisher! - Good advice from the Crabbit Old Bag Herself.


Writing 101 - Here, writer Lucy Coates gives advice that even the Crabbit Old Bag pays attention to!





The Viking Answer Lady - My friend Kath Langrish put me on to this - a blog absolutely packed with answers to all sorts of Viking questions.


Knights in Battle - the blog of 'The Howard Household', a recreation society, who are often excellent sources of historical information.  See 'the Surgeon's page' for gruesome details. Recommended by my friend Karen Bush.


Elizabethan English - a guide to talking like it was 1592.