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The Stroppy Author's Guide to Publishing - the Stroppy Author, provides excellent advice.


Help! I Need A Publisher! - Good advice from the Crabbit Old Bag Herself.


Writing 101 - Here, writer Lucy Coates gives advice that even the Crabbit Old Bag pays attention to!





The Viking Answer Lady - My friend Kath Langrish put me on to this - a blog absolutely packed with answers to all sorts of Viking questions.

I've had more help with improving my Links page!

Mr Harry Rizzo (whose dog is named 'Odin') emails me to tell how he's been updating his library's media reference guides, with help from student volunteers.

His student, Sarah, found this link to a site all about building Viking ships. (That's the Oseberg ship to the right. One of the most beautiful ships ever built and it may have carried a Viking priestess into the Underworld.)


Here's Sarah's link:

Thank you, Sarah! I shall be having a good read of that site myself later. It looks packed with information.


   I was very happy to recieve an email from Beth Andrews who runs a reading group for youngsters in her local library. Beth wanted to tell me that they were reading all about the Vikings and had found the above link to the Viking Answer Lady very useful. (Not surprised, it's a great site.)     Beth told me that one of the girls in her group, Audrey, had found the site given below all by herself and wondered if I would add it to my site.

     Audrey, I am glad to -- it's a very interesting site with fascinating information about what the Vikings did with their teeth!


Viking Teeth and Health -- There's a dentist in Florida who's obviously very interested in Vikings because this dental association site has loads of stuff about vikings!


Here are some links about Border Reivers which  I found useful when researching my Sterkarm books.


The History of the Border Reivers

The Hawick Border Reivers Festival

BBC: The Border Reivers


Knights in Battle - the blog of 'The Howard Household', a recreation society, who are often excellent sources of historical information.  See 'the Surgeon's page' for gruesome details. Recommended by my friend Karen Bush.


Elizabethan English - a guide to talking like it was 1592.