Bad Girl

Would you recognise a killer hiding within your own loving family?



has long searched for a man who will love her and believes she has found him in Douglas Clokey. They marry and she is thrilled to find herself at the heart of the kind of loving family she never had.

     But her teenage step-daughter doesn’t like Annabelle at all…



Douglas’ daughter, has always known herself to be the most important woman in her father’s life. With Annabelle's arrival, suddenly that’s no longer true and Liv isn’t happy about it …



Douglas’ ex-wife, has always maintained that she is ‘over him,’ but she takes a great interest in his new marriage.


A quiet village and an ordinary family -- until extraordinary violence is unleashed. Who will survive it?

If you like dark humour, audacious plotting and bad women, then you’ll love Susan Price’s witty, scary novel.


Buy Bad Girl and learn how to be really bad today!


Nb: This is an adult book.