The Bremen Town Musicians


‘Long, long ago, not in your time, nor in my time, but once upon a time, a poor old donkey led a sad, sad life.’

So begins this lively new version of the classic fairy-tale, ‘The Bremen Town Musicians,’

retold by Carnegie medal winning author Susan Price and gorgeously illustrated by Andrew Price.

The tale tells of four old animals, a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel, thrown out of their homes because they are too old and worn out to work anymore.

But, led by the ever-cheerful donkey, the animals refuse to give into despair. They make a plan: they will go to Bremen and become famous musicians. Full of new hope, they take to the road together, ‘much happier than they had been before.’

They never do reach Bremen but by sticking together and being brave, they succeed in making a happy new life for themselves. ‘Why should they make music on cold street corners in Bremen when they could play and sing in comfort at their own fireside?’

This story of friendship and hope is richly illustrated by Andrew Price in colourful panels full of detail. At the corner of each panel are mysterious little shuttered windows from which many different characters peep at the action.

A delightful picture book to share with children aged 2 to 5.



Below, Donkey has a wonderful idea.


Below, Donkey, Dog and Cat meet Cockerel.