Olly Spellmaker and the Sulky Smudge



Soggy spectres, groaning ghosts --

and a smudge who just stays there.

A house needs haunting -- but are these spooks too scary?


Olly Spellmaker needs Alex's help.

She can capture ghosts once they've appeared but she doesn't know where to look for them. She's sure Alex will know where to find some.


The problem is, he'd rather not hang about with motorbiking granny, not even one as cool as Olly.


Oh, and ghosts terrify him!


But Olly's got to snaggle some spooks to pay off a debt and get her motorbike back on the road. She's promised to find some ghosts to fill a house that needs haunting.


Can she persuade Alex to help her?


Ghosts, groans and giggles galore in this hilarious tale from an award-winning author.