Olly Spellmaker and the Hairy Horror


(Originally published as 'Hairy Bill.')


In the middle of the night a scary, very hairy creature stirs -- and starts cleaning.


Something came down the chimney in Alex's bedroom in the night.

Something that asked, in a Scottish accent, for Mathesons.


Alex thought it was just a dream. But his mum was called Kirsty Matheson. And when he goes downstairs the next morning, something is clearly very wrong.

The house is unusually, frighteningly, tidy.


Alex's family have a spooky house-guest who can't bear crumbs or dust.

Meet Hairy Bill -- a supernatural whirlwind of tidiness with a taste for tartan.

He's travelled a long, long way to find them -- and he really doesn't want to leave.


A funny, spine-chilling story from an award-winning writer.



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