Odin's Voice



Book One of the Odin's Voice Trilogy


Downtrodden boner Kylie and pampered teen Affroditey are thrown together as their roles in society change.


Kylie becomes the mouth-piece of the God, Odin, and gains political advantage and freedom.


Affie finds herself reduced to penury after her father's suicide. She is sold off, together with his other belongings, to pay his debts.


Brought together by Kylie's young son, who has been 'adopted' by Affie's owners, the two girls escape their society's restrictions and travel to Mars, where they hope to live in freedom.



Susan Price is one of those children's authors whom once read, infects the blood with a wild craving to read everything she has written. THE TIMES 


One of the best contemporary writers for children  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH