Odin's Queen



She couldn't breathe, there wasn't enough air.

There was no air on Mars, she was breathing poison!

But it was simply fear, After the long journey that never ended, here was the end.


Book Two of the Odin's Voice Trilogy


Odinstoy has escaped to Mars with her young son, Apollo, and with Affie, the rich girl who was sold as a slave after her father's death.


Odinstoy is to join the Martian Temple of Odin as their God-Speaker.


Affie hopes their new life will enable her to claw back the status and respect she had before she was bonded -- and she is frustrated by Odinstoy's disdain for the fame her new role brings.


Affie's craving for attention leads her to trust those she shouldn't and to tell secrets that she shouldn't tell.


She places all three of them in terrible danger.



'A fast paced thriller'  THE TIMES


'Epic and exhilarating'   INIS


'Enthralling'  THE GUARDIAN