Home From Home


Paul is a rebel.


The last thing he wants is to help out old Mrs, Maxwell.


She's not happy about having him in her house either.


But when his teacher makes sure he can't refuse, Paul starts to explore the house -- dark, dirty and full of clutter -- until he finds himself in a world where he is unexpectedly at home, and with a very special new friend.



Out of print.


Author's note.

This is the book that was handed out to my youngest brother's English class, as their class-reader.


In surprise, my brother said, "My sister wrote this!" (He was fifteen years younger than me.)


This started a bit of a controversy. The teacher demanded to know what was going on. "Sir, sir, Price says his sister wrote this book."


"Price," said the teacher, "stop telling tall tales and read."


My brother came to see me, very indignant, and asked if I would sign a copy of the book, so he could give it to his teacher. I asked the teacher's name and wrote in the book, 'To Mr X, who wouldn't believe that I wrote this book, with best wishes, Susan Price.'