Foiling the Dragon


Paul loves beautiful girls and poetry.

He's courageous enough to recite sonnets to the Hell's Angels in the Hailstone Inn.

So when Zione, black and gorgeous, appears in his audience, he's well pleased. When she invites him into the yard, he doesn't hesitate.


But in the yard, Zione calls up green fire and things become very strange... Waking in a strange bed is, for him, nothing new but he's never found himself sharing one with a dragon before. A small dragon, but still. A dragon.


It turns out Zione is a sorceress and she's kidnapped Paul to perform poetry for a big poetry lover.

A poetry lover who's devoured almost the whole of the Oxford Book of Poetry. In the most literal sense.


Can Paul survive the performance?


Can he win back to his beloved lost world of pubs, pints and crisps?

A light-hearted fantasy of poetry, sorcery, dragons -- and wrapping paper.