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An article on the Viking ship, the Oseberg: The Witch Queen In The God's Mound, can be found here.

          Here's an article describing my 'daemon'. If you've ever felt that you weren't fully in control of your writing, you might find it interesting.


     Here's a link to an article I wrote for Roz Morris' blog, on the music I listen to while I write.





     Read an interview with Susan Price about 'The Sterkarm Handshake' here.


     An article, A Sterkarm Breakfast, can be found here.





     Read an article by Susan Price on how to get published, here.





For a short article on how to overcome Writers' Block, go here.


          You can read an academic article, '"I'm Glad I Was Designed:" Un/Doing Gender and Class In Susan Price's "Odin Trilogy"' by Sanna Lehtonen, Postdoctoral Researcher at Tilburg University, by following this link.



WARNING: This article contains spoilers!

     Here's another article by Sanna Lehtonen, this time on 'Ghost Dance.

       ”If you thought this story sour, sweeten it with your own telling” – Cross-cultural intertextuality and a feminist poetics of rewriting in Susan Price’s Ghost Dance.

       To read it, follow this link.