"Do You Know Any Other Writers?"

Well, a few...


I'm often asked, in schools, if I know any other writers.

       Since joining The Scattered Authors' Society, I've met many other writers, and count them as good friends.  Follow the links to meet some of them.
       And now you can see them -- and me -- on YouTube! SAS members read the shaggiest dog story ever, made up from bits of their books. Click on the link to see it -- SAS on YouTube


Penny Dolan - the self-confessed world's slowest swimmer, and owner of two untidy desks and one bad cat.       

     And author of the wonderful 'A Boy Called Mouse'.


Blood-sucking kelpies, time travel, gargoyles, Vikings -- Joan Lennon has written about them all!

     I once spent a great day in Edinburgh Museum with her Linda Strachan, viewing the Lewis Chessmen.

      We got soaked running for the train -- and then Joan helped me spot seals as we crossed the Forth Bridge back to Fife.



Linda Strachan -- Italian descent, Scottish by birth, great company and a terrific writer.

        She met up with Joan and me for the day out in Edinburgh and guided us by the shortest way to the station through the downpour.



          Sue Purkiss was born in God's own country, with six fingers on each hand, which possibly makes her a witch.


Katherine Roberts, horsewoman, mathematician, ex-computer programmer, and ebook-buddy.  (And Druid, judging from this photo).

         The only person I know who has a close friendship with a unicorn.

         Also, the only unicorn I know of who has his own blog - The Reclusive Muse.




Elizabeth Kay, writer of the 'Divide' series, animal lover and traveller.

      She once appeared on 'Pets Win Prizes' with her pet stick insects!


Katherine Langrish, knows a lot about trolls, and has sailed in a Viking ship.

       Her wonderful blog 'Seven Miles of Steel Thistles' is a must for any lover of folklore and fairytales.


Nick Green, author of Cat Kin, is naturally reclusive.  He is rarely seen in public, even when he is in fact there.

         The photo may or may not be of him.


Leslie Wilson - author of the wonderful 'Saving Rafael' as well as many other terrific book.