Three Billy Goats Gruff

Suitable for ages 1-6.

          A PriceClan original, with this traditional favourite retold by Carnegie medal winning writer Susan Price, and illustrations by Andrew Price.




"Who's trip-tripping across my bridge?"


          Children will love it for its suspense and humour as they enjoy chanting out loud the repeated refrains and looking at the exuberant illustrations.



        Adults will appreciate how the repeated words and syllables help children recognise words.


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And there's a colouring-in book too!


Little Goat says:

"Some of our words and letters have fallen out of our book!

"The colour has been lost too!"


Children can help the goats by colouring them in again and writing in the missing letters. Amusement for a rainy day and it will help their reading and writing skills too.


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Note: the American edition has American spelling.