Why PriceClan Picture Books?


I've written the text for several picture books over the years. It's something I've always enjoyed doing and I've never considered that writing for any age-group is more or less difficult, or more or less prestigious than another.


     As with The Wolf's Footprint, I kept being asked, by parents and teachers, where they could find my out-of-print picture-books.


     So I decided to re-issue some of them.


     Finding artists wasn't a problem. I have them lying around underfoot. Both of my brothers, Andrew and Adam, are artists.

So far, there are three PriceClan picture books available: The Runaway Chapatti, and Goldilocks, both illustrated by Adam Price and Three Billy Goats Gruff, illustrated by Andrew Price.


There are going to be more picture books.

     At present, Andrew is working on what promises to be a beautiful edition of The Bremen Town Musicians.

     Adam has written and illustrated his own book, Tinku Tries to Help.