PriceClan Picture Books


PriceClan is a Collaboration of Prices

SUSAN PRICE is the oldest and a writer who was first published, at 16, by Faber and Faber.


  Her book,

The Ghost Drum,

won the prestigious Carnegie medal and she won the Guardian Fiction Prize with The Sterkarm Handshake.


  She has written for every age-group.

ANDREW PRICE is the middle brother and his background is computer graphics. He has produced covers for indie writers and has illustrated Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Bremen Town Musicians and the story book, The Wolf's Footprint.


  He  also sells beautiful cards and other designs at Gingerdolphin on Etsy.

ADAM PRICE is the youngest brother and an accomplished cartoonist. He is the writer and illustrator of Tinku Tries to Help and The Teeny Tiny Tiger Tot.

He has illustrated Susan Price's retellings of Goldilocks and The Runaway Chapatti.

He makes jewellery and cards which can be found at Gingerdolphin on Etsy.  He is currently working on other illustration projects (and for the West Midland Ambulance Service.)



And a note about the name 'Price.'


     We're just a bit tired of being told that our name means that our ancestors were 'the people who set the prices in market-places in the old days.'

      No. Those people were 'reeves.'

     The name 'Price' is Welsh. It comes from 'ap Reese' or 'ap Rhys' and means 'Son of Rhys' rather as 'MacDonald' means 'Son of Donald.'