Why PriceClan Paperbacks?

PriceClan Paperbacks began because of all the emails I recieved, asking for copies of my out of print book, The Wolf's Footprint.

          I commissioned my brother, Andrew Price, to do new illustrations and a new cover, and released it as an ebook.

          But lots of people continued to ask for a paperback edition.

          So I tackled paperback production, using Amazon's Createspace. It wasn't easy - but before Print On Demand and Amazon, it would have been impossible, for me. I wouldn't have had the know-how to organise it, or the money to pay for printing, storage, advertising, distribution...

        But with CreateSpace, Amazon pays the up-front costs. They have their internet shop-front, their warehouses and distribution network. They do a certain amount of advertising.

         Amazon takes back their cost of production, plus a profit, from the book's selling price. What's left over, they pay to me as a royalty. I can set the price of the book, but I have to bear that in mind.

         It still isn't easy; but it is possible.



     So here is PriceClan's first venture into POD - The Wolf's Footprint, in paperback.

      I hope they please all the people who asked me for a paperback edition - and if they do, I may publish other paperbacks.


Since writing the above, the paperback Wolf's Footprint has been selling very well - so I've republished my Ghost World Sequence and my ghost story collections.

The latest news is that the brothers and I have ventured into picturebooks, with a re-issuing of the popular 'Runaway Chapatti' and 'Three Billy Goats Gruff.'