The Story Collector







Everybody has a story...


 Old Mr. Grimsby, a lonely widower with little to do now he's retired, makes a hobby of listening to stories and writing them down.
      He asks the people around him for their stories, and they tell him strange tales and funny tales, of dancing shillings, of clever women who fall in love with handsome fools, of a boy who learned to speak the language of birds…
       Mr. Grimsby writes them all down.

        Sergeant Lamb, an old soldier who fought at Waterloo, tells him of a soldier who found a quiet lane leading from the midst of a battle’s din, and followed it to Heaven and God’s chair…

        A dying woman tells him of a murdered girl whose hair was used to string a fiddle, and how that fiddle cried out for justice under the touch of the bow…


        Then, as he walks home late one night, Mr. Grimsby falls in with a large black dog, a Churchyard Grim, which speaks to him, and tells him a story to pass the time as it leads him out of this world and into the next…


        In one of Heaven's many mansions, Mr. Grimsby meets the Virgin Mary, who pours the tea and tells a story about a rich man and a poor beggar. “Our Jesus told me that one,” she says, before demanding a story from Mr. Grimsby in return.
         He tells a tale he fondly remembers his dead wife telling their children. And when he's done, there is his wife, come to find him, and ready to tell another of her stories.

         Everybody has a story.

A collection of folk-tales, retold by the acclaimed writer, Susan Price. Here are old stories, wise, funny and sad, of life, death and rebirth; of loss and love.
      For all lovers of the folk tradition.