The Drover's Dogs

"I don’t think those dogs ever mistook me for their master. They were good herd-dogs and I think they knew exactly what I was — a little calf, lost from the herd. A lost little pup wandering loose. They knew that what they had to do was take me in charge, and herd me along, and watch over me, until they had brought me somewhere safe."

It’s a long way home — from East to West across Scotland’s mountains and lochs.

Sandy’s mother is desperate for money. So she ‘bonds’ ten-year-old Sandy to a wealthy farmer until he’s twenty-one.

Sandy is miserable — bullied, ill-fed and beaten. He runs home, and is heart-broken when his mother makes him return, to another beating.

So Sandy runs away, though he fears he will be caught and hung for breaking his bond. Alone, on the road, he longs for a safe, loving home.

Then he falls in with friends: two drover dogs, making their way home, by themselves, to a distant croft.

Sandy decides to follow the dogs to wherever they belong. He dreams there will be a place by the fire for him too…

But when the dogs reach home, will Sandy be left outside, alone again?


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There's a gentle charm about Drovers' Dogs. It's a captivating story that tells of a young Scottish lad in the 19th Century, who runs away from his family after his mother sells him to a local farmer, where he's treated practically like a slave. Sandy is desperate to get as far away from these cruel people as possible. He's emotionally hurt by his mother's actions and physically hurt by the terrible treatment of the farmer. Sandy has lost trust and faith in people. So when he meets up with two Drovers' dogs he tags along with them, and they become his only friends and companions. At least for the duration of the journey.
This book is so enjoyable to read with its atmosphere and descriptions of that wild and rugged countryside. It's fascinating too to learn about the drovers of those times, and their amazingly independent dogs. Plus there's a great story, and the bond that grows between Sandy and the dogs just makes you keep turning the pages.

                                                                                 Bobbie Carr, writing on Amazon.