The King's Head




          A collection of retold folk-tales.         

          The night before battle, King Penda asks his storyteller, Egil, for a tale to pass the time.

          Egil, out of sorts, refuses - but promises to tell a story the next night, after the battle.

          King Penda loses the battle, and is captured...

          A monk, Brother Dominic, wanders the battlefield with a lantern, hoping to help the wounded.  A voice calls for help, but when he reaches the spot, he finds a severed head.

          It's Egil's head, and it begs the monk to take it to King Penda, so Egil can keep his promise, and tell the King a final story.

          The monk takes the head to his abbot, who gives it to a lord, who has it tell a story for his daughter...  The Head tells story after story, hoping eventually to be carried to its King... 


          Susan Price says: This book is often enjoyed by adults too - the ones who like traditional stories.

          It's soon going to be available as an e-book.