Feasting The Wolf

Ottar and Ketil are farm-boys on Shetland and they love to hear tales of the battles being fought by the Great Danish Army far to the south, where the heroes 'spread a feast before the wolf and raven,'  by leaving fields covered with dead..


Then the war-ship Wave Strider  puts into Lerwick, led by the ship-master Eyulf. It's on its way to join the Great Army in England, and Ottar and Ketil join the crew.


They swear an oath to be loyal to each other and to their 'ship-brothers' but after they've sailed they find that Eyjulf's ship is not a happy one. Their dream was of winning glory and gold, but they meet only hardship.


Can the farm-boys become vikings - or will their bodies feast the wolves?


A sweeping dramatic story of courage and honour, set in the merciless and cut-throat Viking world.




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