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I have entirely sold out of my original publications of The Runaway Chapati and The Wolf's Footprint, which is why I re-issued them as self-published books.


     Below you'll find those books I do have left for sale. Many are very limited in number.



Book 1


Fantasy. A Saxon king dies and leaves his crown to Elfgift, his son by an Elvish woman. The king's legitimate sons have other ideas and send armed men to kill Elfgift...


Feasting The Wolf


Two farm boys from Shetland join the crew of the Wave Strider, bound to join the Great Danish Army in Viking Age Britain...


Book 2


Elfgift is now king, but his war with his half-brothers continues...

The Sterkarm Handshake, Hardback, UK edition


The UK edition.

     Exchange rates vary but the price is roughly $19.00.

     Shipping within the UK will cost £3.00

     Shipping to the US will cost £9 ($11-23)



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The Sterkarm Handshake, Hardback, US edition

The US edition.

       Exchange rates vary but theUS  price is approx.  $18


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