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Ghost Song

‘Only Change is Everlasting.’


Ghost Song: The prequel to the Carnegie winning ‘Ghost Drum.


White midnight, the endless Midsummer Night of the far north. Malyuta, a slave and hunter stands on watch over his new-born son. Into the house comes Kuzma the bear shaman, and demands the baby for his apprentice.


Throughout the long white night the hunter resists every argument, every bribe, every threat, refusing to give up his son. "I am not a czar, to buy and sell my children!”


Thwarted, the bear-shaman takes his revenge on a family of reindeer-people. When they, too, refuse him a child, he curses them with ‘everlasting change.’ By day they will have their own shapes; by night, they will be wolves. In the far north, the night is six months long.


Malyuta, the hunter, struggling to raise his adored child, slowly learns that the bear-shaman is still with them, walking in the boy’s dreams… And soon Kuzma demands that the boy fulfil his destiny by becoming a shaman – even if it means leaving all that he knows and loves.


Book 2 of the Ghost World Sequence.


Ghost Song is set in the same cruel fairy-tale world of ice and darkness as the two other books in the sequence, Ghost Drum and Ghost Dance, but can be read as a stand-alone book.


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