'And then there was snarling, and grey fur, and blood.  There was an outcry from frightened men and a searching for spears and knives.'

          Kenelm, born into the Royal Saxon Kin, always expected to be a warrior, but his uncle, the King, gave  him to the Christian Church to be a monk.


          Kenelm longs for the colour, music and sensuality of life in the King's hall, and hates the monastery, but is bound by honour to obey his King.

          When his country is threatened by attack, the King recalls Kenelm and gives him a task: venture into the Wild Wood, find the Wood People and ask for their help.

          He finds them - Wulfruna, Wulfgifu and Wulfgara, as beautiful as they are terrifying.


          When the Abbess demands his return to the Christian life, Kenelm has to make a choice; and he realises how high the price of freedom is.