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     Katherine Roberts
Katherine Roberts

Almost fifteen years ago, I sat in the garden at Charney Manor, at one of the SAS's annual shindigs, and talked with my friend Katherine Roberts about what was happening to publishing.

          We both drew lessons from the music industry. The internet had changed it completely, and put the big record labels on the back foot.

          We both predicted that the same thing would happen to publishing.

          But no one else we spoke to seemed to things as we did.

In 2011, Katherine sent me an email with a link to an article about Amazon's Kindle Desktop Publishing. 'How about this?' she said.

          We met again at Charney and discussed it.

          "There's no point in just sticking them on Amazon," Kath said. "Nobody will find them by accident. We have to do something to publicise the fact they're there."

          So came about my own blog, Nennius, and the multi-author blog Do Authors Dream of Electric Books? [Kath came up with the title.]



To date I've published 11 books as e-books.

          They include the Ghost World trilogy, the first of which, Ghost Drum, won the Carnegie Medal...

          Three collections of ghost stories - Nightcomers is one of them.


          There are historical novels, novels for children, novels about witchcraft and werewolves...


        The self-published e-books...

                                               The self-published paperbacks...