Susan Price's Books...

                                            It's A Long List...

My first book was 'The Devil's Piper,' written when I was 15, accepted when I was 16, and finally published (after a printer's strike) when I was 18.

     It had a cover by the famous illustrator, Errol Le Cain (see his picture books of Sleeping Beauty  and other tales, they are wonderful.) I was told that he had visited Faber's office, and happened to read the part of my book where the piper calls up an ancient forest, and asked if he could do the cover. That was just sheer luck.

     'The Devil's Piper' was published in America as well as the UK, and stayed in print for some ten years. It's out of print now, but who knows, I might re-issue it as an e-book.


I am unusual in that I've written for every age - from nursery tales, through Primary, into Young Adult - and my Young Adult books are read by many Old Adults.

      These books include The Runaway Chapati and How The Bear Lost Its Tail.


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I've written many books for slightly older children - among them The Wolf's Footprint, which has never failed to grip children when I've read it in schools. Indeed, so many teachers asked me where they could buy copies, that I republished it myself, as an ebook and a paperback.

     The book that won the Carnegie Medal, The Ghost Drum, was also published for this age-group - though it tilts over into Young Adult, and even Adult.


     I've also written collections of folk-tales, and the Olly Spellmaker series, about a motor-bike riding witch.

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Many of my books were published for a Young Adult readership - but I many adults tell me that the best reads are to be found on the Young Adult shelves.

     The Sterkarm Handshake and its sequels, and the Odin's Voice trilogy, were published for this age-group.

     So were the collections of ghost stories - and Elfgift has his fans.

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