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Credit: Hub of a Swedish field cannon, placed outside the Linköping garrison museum. Wikimedia. Author  LA2
Credit: Hub of a Swedish field cannon, placed outside the Linköping garrison museum. Wikimedia. Author LA2


A hub, where links radiate off like spokes from a wheel-hub.


Below, you will find links to extracts for younger readers; to complete short stories; to reviews, articles and extracts from novels.

For Younger Readers


 Read an extract from 'Olly Spellmaker and The Hairy Horror.' here.


Read the story

'Silvertree and Goldentree'



Read the first chapter of The Ghost Drum here.




Read the first chapter of Ghost Song here.





Complete Short Stories


Read the short story, Overheard In A Graveyard, here


From the collection Overheard In A Graveyard


Read the short ghost story, The Christmas Trees, here


From the collection Nightcomers
















Read the short ghost story, Caisho Burroughs, here


From the collection Nightcomers

Extracts from Longer Novels

The Ghost World Sequence


Read the first chapter of The Ghost Drum here.


Read the first chapter of Ghost Song here.


Read the first chapter of Ghost Dance here

The Ghost World novels can be found here.

The first, The Ghost Drum, won the Carnegie medal.


The Sterkarm Novels


















Read an extract from 'The Sterkarm Handshake' here


















Read the first chapter of 'A Sterkarm Tryst' here.

Note: the first chapter of A Sterkarm Tryst linked to here is from a pre-publication draft.

All three Sterkarm novels can be found here.

The miraculous invention of a Time Tube has given Great Britain’s mighty FUP corporation unprecedented power, granting it unlimited access to the rich natural resources of the past. Opening a portal into sixteenth-century Scotland, the company has sent representatives back five hundred years to deal with the Sterkarms, a lawless barbarian clan that has plundered both sides of the English-Scottish border for generations.
Among the first of the company’s representatives to arrive from the future, young anthropologist Andrea Mitchell finds herself strangely drawn to this primitive tribe of raiders and pillagers who, not surprisingly, view her as magical. As translator and liaison, she becomes enmeshed in the personal lives of these proud, savage folk, developing an especially strong emotional bond with Per, the handsome son of the ruthless Sterkarm chieftain, Toorkild.
But the Sterkarms’ welcome does not extend to the FUP corporate despoilers from the future—and soon a fragile agreement between the untamable Scots and the interloping “Elves” begins to crumble. Suddenly war looms on the horizon, and when treachery on both sides ignites a firestorm of violence, Andrea will have to choose where her loyalties truly lie: with her coldhearted employers or with the barbarous kinfolk of the man she has come to love.

A winner of the Guardian Fiction Prize and a finalist for the Carnegie Medal, called “enthralling” by Philip Pullman, the author of the His Dark Materials novels, Susan Price’s Sterkarm Handshake is a masterful blend of historical and science fiction critics have called “dazzling,” “exciting,” “memorable,” “thought provoking,” and “a thumping good page-turner.”



Extract from 'Odin's Voice.'



Read the first chapter of 'Odin's Voice' here.


Odin's Voice is the first of a trilogy set in a future where Martian colonists worship ancient Gods.

     The following books are Odin's Queen and Odin's Son.



Links to articles/blogs by me or about me or my work


An article on the magnificent Viking ship, the Oseberg: The Witch Queen In The God's Mound, can be found here.


 An article, Who Is It? which looks at two 16th Century portraits and asks if they could be of the same man - and if so, who is he?


 Here's an article describing my 'daemon'. If you've ever felt that you weren't fully in control of your writing, you might find it interesting.

Dine With The Sterkarms!


A series of linked articles, to enable you to recreate a Sterkarm meal. Supposing you would want to.


You can also enjoy A Sterkarm Breakfast,  here.








Here's a link to an article I wrote for Roz Morris' blog, on the music I listen to while I write.


Read an interview with Susan Price about 'The Sterkarm Handshake' here.



Read an article by Susan Price on how to get published, here.

Two Academic Articles

By Sanna Lehtonen


 '"I'm Glad I Was Designed:" Un/Doing Gender and Class In Susan Price's "Odin Trilogy"'


By Sanna Lehtonen, Postdoctoral Researcher at Tilburg University. Follow this link.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers!

 ”If you thought this story sour, sweeten it with your own telling” – Cross-cultural intertextuality and a feminist poetics of rewriting in Susan Price’s Ghost Dance.


       To read, follow this link.




      Reviews of Ghost Drum


      Reviews of Ghost Song

And author Katherine Langrish writes about 'Good Witches' and includes Ghost Drum's Chingis.





    A review, by author Susan Hill, of 'Hauntings'

'Susan Price['s] collection, Hauntings, shows her again as one of the best contemporary writers for children ...'






A review of The Bearwood Witch and The Wolf Sisters from the Times - and Susan Price answers back!